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Speaking of the life of the farm...
The farm was badly damaged by the severe storm that hit the tri-state area (IA, MN, WI) on Monday, June 22. In addition to the photos above (hoop house crushed, trees downed, shed wall blown down), high winds broke multiple windows in my home and took out all electricity, and large hail took a severe toll on crops in the field. We're regrouping, re-seeding, re-planting, and cleaning up the mess...but this will set back the beginning of our CSA and farmers market season by a week or more. Stay tuned!

The damage is more widespread than originally thought, and rebuilding will take a huge effort by me, my crew, neighbors, and professionals. As you can imagine, these expenses were not in the year's budget. Please go to my GoFundMe page and consider any donation that you can give to help me rebuild and get back on track. In any event, please spread the word through your Facebook and other social media. Thank you!
                                   *****UPDATE #2*****
We're hanging in there, and--with a little help from my friends--started CSA deliveries on the last weekend of July. A crew of young Amish men spent a Saturday here cleaning up and starting some rebuilding projects. The bad news: The need is still great; please continue to share my GoFundMe campaign (above). The good news: The crops that remained and those that have since been replanted are doing well and I'm able to open my CSA for additional shares; I anticipate continuing deliveries into November. Please spread the word; new folks can sign up on a prorated basis here.

Small-scale farming has taken quite a hit in the past century. Willow Ridge Organic Farm is part of the solution to this problem. Join us--and become part of the solution, too!

Support the "right kind of farming" through CSA--Community Supported Agriculture. I'll do the planting, weeding, and harvesting. Your CSA membership will provide a dependable market for those efforts. You and I will be joining forces to determine a renewed vision of agriculture. CSA is the modern equivalent of a farming community where the farmer does not stand alone.

For your support you'll get a beautiful and bountiful share of the upcoming season's harvest once a week throughout the growing season. Your meals will come from vegetables and fruits grown in a living and healthy soil, tended and harvested with care and experience. Your sharebox will be filled with delicious food that is life giving, nutrient dense, garden fresh, vine ripened when it should be, properly handled, and really good for you and your family. 

Here's a little about the farm and the exquisite land you will be supporting with your CSA membership.

The farm sits on top of a ridge, a thousand feet above sea level where the air is clean and the view is awe inspiring. It's just a stone's throw away from the Kickapoo and Wisconsin Rivers at Wauzeka in Southwestern Wisconsin, in the heart of Wisconsin's Driftless Region. It's part of a unique and beautiful landscape that has both beauty and wildness, rivers and bluffs, ridges and valleys. 

Looking out at the beauty and richness of this place and the natural world, breathing in that clean air and working the land, as a caretaker and farmer, I'm connected--aware of my partnership with nature and the interdependence of all life.

As a shareholder and supporter, you are a vital part of that vision. We will be joining together to strengthen our connection to nature and to each other--protecting that beautiful landscape from factory farming, frac sand mining, and development. We will be at the wheel and steering agriculture back towards a culture we can be proud of. 

                                                                                              -- Farmer Renee 



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